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Can You Get Rid of Stretch Marks?


If stretch marks are taking a toll on your confidence, you’re not alone. It is absolutely normal for most people to get stretch marks at some point in their life and in fact, over 80% of Americans have them! But still, people are constantly searching for new ways to eliminate these stubborn marks.

Before you head off to spend money buying random oils and creams that rarely work, it is important to learn about proven stretch-mark removal treatments you should try.

What are Stretch Marks?

A stretch mark develops when the skin stretches quickly beyond its tensile limit. This happens as the body changes with physical activities, time, or aging. Over-stretching of the skin causes the collagen fabric of the dermis to rupture, resulting in scars that often stay permanently.

It is commonly seen during puberty, pregnancy, or when the body rapidly loses weight. Early stretch marks appear to be pink, red, reddish-brown, or purple, depending on your skin tone. They can also be itchy sometimes.

Thankfully, certain aesthetic treatments can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks more effectively than your average over the counter cream.

The Best Ways to Effectively Remove Stretch Marks


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin treatment that can help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks. During this procedure, thousands of sterile micro-needles are used to create tiny wounds on the skin’s top layer, penetrating the dermis.

This traumatizes the skin, which helps stimulate the immune system’s natural response of secreting more elastin and collagen. These essential skin proteins heal the wounds naturally as new cells & tissues grow, and the collagen creates a more tightening effect on your skin.

The result? Improved skin texture, firmness, and visible changes in the appearance of stretch marks, pores, and scars.


Collagen rupture is the primary cause of stretch marks in men and women. Therefore, the Morpheus8 skin treatment is specifically designed to boost collagen production and restore the skin’s radiance & firmness. It is suitable for all skin types and works effectively on your abdomen, thighs, back, and hips.

The minimally invasive microneedling treatment uses a matrix of micro pins that channel fractionated radio frequency energy to heat the deep layers of the skin. This triggers collagen production, which is an essential protein that helps remodel the skin, tighten it, boost skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The technique helps renew the skin cells in the deepest layers, enhancing radiance and firmness through resurfacing.

Laser Therapy

One of the newest discoveries in the field of stretch mark treatment is laser therapy. While laser therapy has long been used in aesthetic treatments, it is only recently that it has made to the list of stretch mark removal remedies. It is a non-invasive and safe procedure that utilizes light energy to boost collagen production and repair and regenerate skin cells.

During the procedure, a combination of visible red light and infrared light is focused on the scars. This helps reduce apparent scarring, and also flattens and softens the appearance of stretch marks. However, laser therapy takes time, and it may take around 20 sessions to see visible improvement in appearance. You may also require follow-up treatments.

Can Stretch Marks Be 100% Removed?

According to dermatologists and aestheticians, it is nearly impossible to get rid of stretch marks completely. However, increased collagen production in your skin and resurfacing can help smooth and potentially fade the appearance of stretch marks. The stretch mark removal treatments discussed above are tried-and-true methods used by dermatologists globally.

The results are visible and permanent! You can now proudly show off your radiant and glowing skin without worrying about pesky stretch marks. While “No scars to your beautiful” stands true, there isn’t any harm in giving yourself the opportunity to build confidence!

Look and feel your best at Garcia Aesthetics! Book an appointment today and work with local experts to reduce the appearance of stretch marks reveal beautiful skin.

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