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Let’s Talk About Fillers with Injectors Julie & Jenna


Fillers, fillers, fillers! You hear and see the word everywhere. Whether it’s your favorite influencer posting a story about the lip plump they just got, or your best friend boasting about the volume she added to her cheekbones, it’s all the rave – and there’s are good reasons as to why!

The most obvious reason: no surgery, great results.

The relative ease of injectables has made fillers appealing to women and men of all ages. Now, you are no longer required to get under the knife in order to drastically enhance your appearance.

But before you decide to get fillers, you need to consider a few important safety factors: who is injecting you, where are you getting it done, and what product are they using?

That’s why we’re here to answer the most important questions you should be asking before you go under the needle.

Who is the injector?

One of the most important things to consider is the professional behind the needle. Your face is a sensitive and complex structure with different nerves and blood vessels that can be tricky to navigate. There are areas to avoid injection for your safety and also for the benefit of your appearance!

Does your injector have significant experience? Just because this person is certified to inject you doesn’t mean they have proper knowledge of anatomy. This could lead to them mishandling the injection, possibly causing complications, and making you at risk of infection and other damage.

What We Recommend

Get an injector that is fully trained and a certified nurse practitioner, registered nurse, practical nurse, or doctor! It is not only important for them to be experienced in medicine but also aesthetics. In other words, your provider should be familiar not only with a needle, but also where to inject for cosmetic enhancements.

We take safety and experience seriously here at Garcia, which is why all our injectors are APRNs or FNPs!

Is this a trusted, clean clinic?

You might not think of it as a big deal if you’re just getting a few injections here and there but going to a reputable clinic that is clean and sanitary, is the difference between a successful injection and a potentially dangerous one!

Someone’s living room might seem clean and prepped, but does it mean that their equipment and environment is medically sanitary? It’s difficult to get to the degree of sanitization needed when it isn’t in a professional, medical space.

What We Recommend

Come to an established, reputable clinic that is run by medical professionals. This is the best way to guarantee that the rooms and equipment are sanitized to a safe and acceptable level.

At Garcia Aesthetics, we take sanitation very seriously. All of our rooms are cleaned, treated, and sanitized at the same level of any medical procedure.

What are they injecting you with?

This is very important! As the patient, you should know what is entering your body. You might not think it necessary for you to know exactly what type of filler you are receiving since a professional is injecting it, but it’s important you do some research about the ingredients and effects.

There are 19 FDA approved brands of filler available to injectors in the US. Each brand is used for different purposes (lips, cheeks, forehead etc.) so it’s necessary to see which one the injector is using and if they are using it appropriately!

Pro-Tip: Ask and research before your appointment!

What We Recommend

There is no one “right” filler, that’s why we advise you get a proper consultation with your injector so they can assess and recommend the best filler for your treatment.   

Our injectors at Garcia Aesthetics make sure that the patient’s medical history and safety is taken into consideration before treatment. They also inform the patient of what treatment they are receiving and why, and the possible side effects of the brand they have chosen.

Interested in getting filler at Garcia Aesthetics? Learn about our providers here and book your appointment!

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