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The Difference Between Fillers and Neurotoxins


Fillers and neurotoxins are the bread and butter of the aesthetics industry. From influencers and celebrities to your mom and her gal pals, almost everyone has received or wanted to receive one of these treatments. These two injectables are easily some of the most common facial treatments performed at med spas due to their accessibility, short recovery time, and effectiveness. Although they can treat similar problem areas and concerns, these two treatments aren’t the same.

So, what’s the difference?

What are Fillers?

Fillers are gel-like substances that are injected under the skin. They can be composed of a variety of substances, but most commonly they consist of hyaluronic acid. This is a naturally occurring substance that can be found in our skin with the main purpose of keeping skin hydrated and plump (volumized).

Generally, fillers are used in two ways; to reduce the signs of aging and to emphasize certain areas and features of the face.

As we age, we begin to lose elasticity (collagen) from our skin. This loss of collagen emphasizes wrinkles and fine lines which exacerbate the signs of aging. Fillers can be used to supplement that loss by “plumping up” the skin. When injected at the site of wrinkles and fine lines, the filler fills up the space between the folds, reducing the intensity and appearance of the fold (wrinkle).

Fillers are also used for enhancing features of the face, most popularly the lips. Other common treatment areas include the cheeks, chin, and forehead.

What are Neurotoxins?

You’ve most likely heard of neurotoxins before but didn’t know it. The most commonly used brand names are BOTOX, Xeomin, and Jeuveau.

Neurotoxins are usually made of a botulinum toxin, but this can vary by brand. This toxin primarily is used to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also chronic migraines, spasticity, and hyperhidrosis!

Neurotoxins are mainly used in areas of facial expression, like crow’s feet, frown lines and forehead lines. They work by blocking the nerve impulse which triggers muscle movement, so when you lift your eyebrows or frown, your skin doesn’t fold. When a neurotoxin is injected to the face, muscles in that area are no longer activated which cause less movement and fewer wrinkles!

Which treatment is right for me?

It depends! The best way to find out what treatment is best suited for you is by scheduling a consultation with us. Our experienced nurse injectors will help you choose the safest and smartest solution.

Visit https://garciaweightloss.com/ and fill out our contact form to get an appointment scheduled!

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